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Since 2011Allways Transport has theAEO-certification. Our AEO-status guarantees knowledge and a good reputationt with the customs office.

We can arrange all customsdocuments for import and export , online. We can remove import shipments from the container, store them in our AEO bonded customs warehouse, clear customs and deliver them.

Packing and reorganising

In our warehouse we can pack and repack your goods. Packing is very important, unpacked goods can not be insured. Our warehouse does packing for private goods ( moves) and commercial goods both.

For packing our warehouse sells Seaworthy boxes 160 liters. Please contact us or come and see us during opening hours.

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transport insurance

Transport insurance

It is important to take care of a good insurance for shipments. It is important to take care of a good insurance for shipments. We gladly arrange this for you, so your valuable cargo has a goodAll-risk (world coverage) insurance.

Road transport

With an extensive network of first class transport companies we can make sure all your goods will be brought to our warehouse in a speedy way. Goods will subsequently be transported to Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao via sea container. We can pick up goods all over Europe, but we can also deliver and clear imported goods and deliver all over Europe.
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VAT free purchasing

Did you know you can purchase goods free of VAT through Allways Transport at all known Dutch webshops? For example, furniture, kitchens, electric appliances, baby items, tools, bar supplies, car parts and many other things!

And of course, we ship these items from our own warehouse to you in Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao and Saint Martin swift and professionally. All actions done by one company.

In the most cost efficient and quickest way.

Route to follow with VAT free purchases

  1. Send us your purchase wishes through a list of article numbers of chosen company.
  2. We supply you with a quote .
  3. After a confirmation, we send you a provisional invoice with an estimated cbm.
  4. After receipt of payment we start the purchase.
  5. We inform you about the delivery dates of products.
  6. We arrange shipping to the Caribbean.
  7. Upon arrival, our agent takes care of local clearance.
  8. You receive notice when you can pick up your goods.

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Since 2011 Allways Transport has the AEO-certification. Our AEO-status guarantees knowledge and a good reputation with the customs office. We also have a HACCP certificate.