Caribean sea freightTransport naar Aruba

The consolidated cargo shipments sail to Oranjestad Aruba weekly on Tuesday.

Closing of deliveries is on the Wednesday the week before sailing. This means this day is the deadline for us to be able to load goods in the container for shipping the week after. Transit time is 14 days.

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Please contact us for special sailings of consolidated frozen containers or consolidated refrigerated containers.

We can pick up your goods, all over Europe

container Zeevracht Transport Emigreren Pakket

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Allways Transport has been your Caribbean Sea freight Specialist for more than 35 years with an extensive agent network.

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We are AEO certified and have a HACCP certificate.

Our agent

In Aruba our agent Bon Bini Cargo Services takes care of the customs formalities and unloading of the container. It takes a couple of days before goods can be at your disposal.

Address: Wayaca 45, Aruba


Over 30 years expediting all shipments!